• About ME

    Thirty years of general criminal defense and specialized defense.

    Innocent people get convicted of crimes all the time.

    People who have committed a minor crime are often convicted of worse crimes and receive unnecessarily long prison sentences.


    Serbo Simeoni Esq. is a criminal lawyer who knows that a criminal record can destroy your life and future. It can limit your ability to get a good job and provide for your family.


    If you have been charged with a crime, you are facing a legal fight that can change your life forever. You are up against the limitless resources of a powerful government who has only one goal – to put you in jail. The militarization of our local police forces should frighten you. They are purchasing armored vehicles from the United States Government. They have machine guns, armored vehicles, helicopters, video surveillance, planes, boats and every type of weapon utilized in war.


    Without an experienced defense lawyer fighting for your rights the deck is stacked against you.

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  • Areas of Practice

    Mr. Simeoni will tip the balance in your favor.

    Criminal Defense




    White collar






    Personal Injury

    Car accidents

    Medical malpractice

    Slip and fall cases

    Defamation: Libel and slander

    Dog bites

    Assault, battery, and other intentional torts

  • Why choose our criminal lawyers?

    Serbo C. Simeoni is an elite criminal lawyer who has represented individuals across the United States and globally. Mr. Simeoni is well-respected and known by attorneys, judges, justice advocates, and prosecutors for his tenacity, reputation, legal knowledge and court room deliberation. He has represented businessmen, professionals, and leaders in the community in some of the hardest cases against the toughest prosecutors in U.S. history.

    Any criminal record can impact your life.

    This is why Mr. Simeoni works hard on every case. When you hire Mr. Simeoni, you're not just a case file; Mr. Simeoni takes very personal care with each of his clients to ensure open and upfront communication. Mr. Simeoni serves you based on your individual and unique needs. You are never passed off to an associate or assistant. All communication is between you and your lawyer.
    Over the years Mr. Simeoni has assembled some of the best investigators and experts employed to identify weaknesses and opportunities. Then he creates winning strategies for your defense to either help get your case dismissed or reduce charges so you won't have to do any hard time.

    Act immediately to preserve your rights.

    Mr. Simeoni starts working on your criminal case immediately, the same day you retain him. Every day that goes by the prosecution is working behind the scenes building a stronger offense, which is why you need aggressive criminal lawyer to defend your rights and work towards your defense immediately and before the case reaches the courtroom.
    Mr. Simeoni will know how to

    • Immediately demand your entire case to be turned over to our attorneys.
    • Conduct our own private investigation for your benefit and an advantageous result.
    • Interview witness, victim, and police with over 20 years of experience to back him up.
    • Dissect and assemble evidence to establish a winning defense.

    Most people facing criminal charges do not have the ability to mount an adequate defense and frequently suffer life-altering consequences. You must act immediately to preserve your rights.

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  • "Law is reason, free from passion."



  • Education

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    Stetson University College of Law


    Juris Doctor Degree

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    University of South Florida


    B.S. in Political Science

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